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Importance Of Activities In Preschool

Preschool activities are extremely important and it includes those activities in which learning is combined with play. It is beneficial in learning basics for children. It also enhance the quality of education in kids. The children between age group three to five are mostly enrolled in preschools. Even in some cases two year old child also joins preschool. Preschool is different from normal school , where the focus is only study. In preschool children spent few hours apart from their home with other kids. Moreover, the programs under preschool are also known as nursery school. The activities in preschool includes maths activities, alphabet activities, music activities and many other activities. Through these activities children recognize alphabets by various mean. These activities include letter activities alphabetical activities where no pencil is required. It and some other activities it help them with a great understanding of alphabets.

Children learn rhymes through music. Children are provided with memory matching and puzzle games too. Moreover there are fine motor activities that helps children in developing writing skills and self care. Activities related to gross motor skill builds confidence and fitness in children. Apart from that schools serve a variety of other purposes which moulds a child into human ready to face the world even in adversarial situations. These preschool activities holds  important place in the growth of young minds..


Priyanka V. Tembhurne
School Coordinator


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